Be Part of the Future of TEDxWarrenton

Welcome to TEDxWarrenton. We invite you to collaborate with us in creating a community of idea sharing and inspiration. This is how we change the world— one idea at a time. This high-energy daylong event will feature shared ideas and entertaining presentations citizens Fauquier County and beyond. We believe everyone has something valuable to say that the world needs to hear. Whether based on your work, experience or observations, we want to take this opportunity to work with you to pinpoint and shape it into an idea worth spreading on the TEDx stage!

We believe that sharing ideas can change attitudes, lives and ultimately our world. TEDxWarrenton is part of a growing phenomenon known as TED. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to sharing ideas. It started in 1984 as a conference of people seeking to share their knowledge in the worlds of technology, entertainment and design. TED now conducts live conferences featuring some of the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers. Videos from those conferences are available online and more than a billion people have viewed and grown intellectually as a result.

Those of us in Fauquier County and the Commonwealth of Virginia have great ideas as well. That’s why we created TEDxWarrenton. Our volunteer organizers seek to find and give a stage to people in our community and others with great ideas. We hope to give national and international ideas a chance to be seen and heard on our local stage. We currently have our volunteers for 2022. Check back in November 2022 as we start our call for volunteers for a new season.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact volunteer@tedxwarrenton.com

Louis McDonald
TEDxWarrenton, Co-Founder and Licensee

Tara Helkowski
TEDxWarrenton, Co-Founder and Communications Marketing Team Lead