Youth Advocate, Journalist, Award-Winning Public Speaker

Topic: “Childhood Commercialism: Why Children are the Target,” explores the insidious tactics corporations use to target vulnerable children for profit, drawing parallels between the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and real-world corporate practices, and proposes solutions to combat this issue.

Ashleigh Clyde is a dedicated youth advocate, journalist, and researcher. Passionate about shedding light on important issues, she advocates for the youth community.

Recognized for her leadership and historic speech win, Ashleigh received a commendation resolution from the Virginia House of Delegates.

As co-founder of The Adventure Prayer Journal: For Kids, with her twin sister Kristine Clyde, she fosters spiritual growth and creativity in young minds.

Her podcast, “Ashleigh On Air,” features insightful conversations with top industry professionals.

With aspirations to be a broadcast journalist, Ashleigh’s work aims to protect children and create a safer world for the younger generation.